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<p>Amarone is red wine's answer to Rambo. The flag is bisected diagonally into regions colored red and yellow, red representing the municipality of Palermo , yellow representing Corleone , which in medieval times was an agricultural city of renown. Palermo and Corleone were the first two cities to found a confederation against the Angevin rule. roscato healthy Today, the triskelion (or trisceli) is also widely considered the actual symbol of Sicily. The symbol is also known as the trinacria, which is also an ancient name of Sicily. The name was also revived and used during the Aragonese period of the Kingdom of Sicily immediately after the Sicilian Vespers (1282) which ended Angevin rule.</p>
<p>Our Italian Food Wine & Travel assignment this month was to highlight wine and food from a coastal area of Italy. I immediately knew I would want Sicily for my choice. I had picked out a Sicilian seafood pasta recipe to try as well white and red wines from the island. Unfortunately, the swordfish pasta wasn't a winner at our house. The white wine was nice, but the red stole the show. Instead of trying to fight it, I'm going with it! Frank Cornelissen Contadino is a light bodied red wine, grown on the slope of an active volcano yet in sight of the sea, and it's a great choice for seafood dishes. Frank's story is an interesting one, I hope you'll enjoy it as well.</p>
<p>Nevertheless, the complete genealogy of this precious wine—six out of ten bottles are exported, mainly to the United States, Canada, Germany and Great Britain—goes back to much earlier times. It seems that the first acknowledged precursor of Amarone was produced in the 4th century AD. Called Acinatico, it was made with a distinctive technique for drying the grapes.<img class='alignleft' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="http://ot-foodspotting-production.s3.amazonaws.com/reviews/3203594/thumb_275.jpg" width="258" /></p>

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