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Who is at Risk of Dangerous Mold After Flood Health Articles | February 29 Authentic Patrice Bergeron Jersey , 2012
If you suffer from allergies, you are probably aware of exactly what will trigger an attack. You work very hard to avoid these allergens mainly because you want to save yourself the discomfort and health complications associated with it.

If you suffer from allergies, you are probably aware of exactly what will trigger an attack. You work very hard to avoid these allergens mainly because you want to save yourself the discomfort and health complications associated with it.

However prudent they are with avoiding the things that cause their allergy attacks, not everyone who has allergies is aware of all their triggers.

The same is true of people who aren?¢a??a?¢t even aware that they are allergic to anything at all. They may find themselves having a serious medical reaction to a substance such as mold and have no idea why.

Who is Most At Risk?

There are certain individuals who are more at risk for developing complications when exposed to dangerous household mold. If you fall into one of these groups you need to be aware of your risk:

??? * People with allergies:

????? Although this seems obvious David Pastrnak Jersey , it?¢a??a?¢s important to consider how they are exposed to mold. People with allergies to dust will realize that mold may trigger an attack. However, what if you aren?¢a??a?¢t allergic to dust, are you safe around mold? The answer is surprising.

????? Many people are allergic to mold that is ingested instead of inhaled. This means that for a person without a dust allergy they can have a serious reaction if they eat something containing mold. Foods such as mushrooms, dried fruits and soy sauce can cause this reaction.

??? * People with compromised immune systems:

????? Our immune systems work to ward off illness and allergies. If a person has been through chemotherapy Brad Marchand Jersey , is living with HIV or has an inherited autoimmune disease, they are more likely to react to being exposed to mold. Mold is a very strong allergen and for someone without their immune system to protect them, they can quickly develop complications.

??? * People with lung disease:

????? Just as a person with a compromised immune system may be more prone to complications caused by mold, the same is true of those with an underlying lung problem. Mold Tuukka Rask Jersey , when breathed in, can become lodged within the lungs. For someone with a lung condition, this can lead to a worsening of their symptoms or in some cases infection.

Why Does It Matter?

Although household mold is not safe for anyone, it can lead to serious problems for a person who is at risk. Most people who are not allergy sufferers don?¢a??a?¢t consider the health complications that can occur when exposed to something like household mold.

They may step into their shower each day oblivious to the fact Patrice Bergeron Jersey , that the mold that can be found there is causing them to fill ill. Even when they visit their physician they may not come away with the proper diagnosis because the doctor has no idea that mold is a problem.

It?¢a??a?¢s important to keep mold under control before it does cause a problem. Keeping your home free of excess moisture is a good start. Properly cleaning any mold build-up will also keep you and your family safer and healthier.

For more info of this topic, check the links below

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