And various leaks now show supposed FIFA 21 pack animations
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Автор:  rodeoneerer [ 04 сен 2020, 11:41 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  And various leaks now show supposed FIFA 21 pack animations

buy FUT 21 Coins In FIFA 21 Ultimate Teamat best as few packs are opened and with as many walkouts as possible. It is exciting to see what the new pack animations look like and which clues you have to pay attention to this time in order to identify strong cards early on.

And various leaks now show supposed FIFA 21 pack animations. We at MeinMMO took a look at them.

In the past few weeks there seems to have been a closed beta phase of FIFA 21. It is not known who had access to it and who distributed the leaks.

The supposedly new animations which are strongly reminiscent of FUT 20 are exciting here. FUT 21 Coins for sale Because even there you drove through a tunnel to the best card in the pack. The better the map the further the path went through the tunnel. Really strong cards were waiting for the FUT players in the stadium.

That seems pretty similar with FIFA 21 if you look at the leaks. Here too the sequence of the pack animation is almost identical to FIFA 20. The only difference is in the presentation. There are new effects and the tunnel and the stadium are designed differently.

In addition you can see some ratings from various players which however still seem to be based on the values ​​of FIFA 20.

How can you recognize strong cards? A first indication of a walkout in FUT 21 seems to be the vertical lamps on the left side of the door. Before it opens 3 lamps can be seen on the left. In the event of a walkout however the third lamp does not light up.

In contrast to weaker cards because all 3 lamps are always lit there.

Are the leaks authentic? Whether the leaks are actually the real pack animations from FIFA 21 cannot be said for sure. But they definitely look realistic. If it is a fake then this would be quite expensive.

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Автор:  JeffSimons [ 25 ноя 2020, 09:06 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: And various leaks now show supposed FIFA 21 pack animations

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