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 Заголовок сообщения: Madden NFL 22 Guide: Tips for Attack and Defense
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Although Madden NFL 22's AI is more difficult this year, there are similar strategies for Mut 22 coins defense as well as offense. It's crucial to keep away from opponents trying to surround you or to execute long passing play. This is accomplished by paying attention to softsquats and hard flats (with the cloud flats covering all the rest).

Many times, there are man-to-man or 1v1 situations that take place. This is where the vital element to success lies in knowing how to defend. For the best defense, press Triangle or Y when the round starts. Then press either again to gain additional options. Then, you can choose the defenders to go against every attacker.

Another useful trick is shade coverage. Simply hold Y/Triangle while pointing the right hand towards an area of the field. This provides defense in 1v1 scenarios. The proper flicks are the best to guard the outside while left flicking can protect the inside. Top flicks provide shade coverage in the upper areas, while flicking down covers the lower areas.

If you are planning your game understanding all routes that are available and how your opponent will tackle them is key. Be aware of your receivers' locations and their positions. Corner routes remain viable options, but you must be careful not to overuse them. Play with different strategies and try different kinds of strategies.

It's tempting to go for the bomb with your quarterback the most you can to cheap Madden 22 coins maximize yard coverage. However, it can cause more interceptions as well (along with making your game less predictable). Combining strategies will assist you in the long-term. To boost your game take a look at different offensive playbooks. This guide provides more details on the top playsbooks.

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