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The Dark Zone comes with an entirely distinct progression system to The Division 2 Boosting the rest of the game, the Dark Zone Level. While in the first game it was mostly just a meaningless amount, at The Division 2 there are tangible benefits to upping your rank.For every five degrees, you will unlock a new tier of perks accessible through the Dark Zone Officer. One perk from every tier can be empowered they provide you for if you're at the Dark Zone, benefits. The initial tier just includes one perk that allows you to carry more contaminated items, while the higher tiers include things like increased XP for specific activities (killing Rogues, living the Rogue timer , finding monuments.) , daily rewards in the Dark Zone house that was secure, quicker Rogue activities, reduced timer, and maintaining a polluted thing .

DZ XP is earned through a variety of actions: discovering locations, killing Rogues, going Rogue yourself and surviving the timer, discovering collectibles or killing enemies. Carrying over from this Division's later upgrades, you won't lose DZ XP on death, so when levelling just to allow you access to the perks whenever 40, it is worth it to be slightly reckless.

By far the best method, however, is currently completing milestones, which require you to go to a specific region and kill a powerful enemy. Doing so will net you a ton of expertise and some gear to boot up, although higher problem ones can be extremely tough for a solo player to deal with. So you'll need to be quick until you arrive, players may clear a milestone them, but there is always at least some of them busy. You should be able to run around in landmarks and a circuit as they become available, quickly levelling up in the process.

A feature that was a substantial point of contention for many in the very first game creates a comeback for the sequel, with equipment normalisation meaning everyone is on an equal footing once they enter the Dark Zone no matter what gear they've earned up to this point.

Gear normalisation assigns another set of stats to every weapon in the game that takes effect as soon as you step foot. This means someone who just hit level five gets the chance of doing well as someone who's played a thousand hours and has the equipment that is pinnacle of Agent. You can see both your open world and also normalised stats .

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